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Basic Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence

Whether you are just starting out or have been a technology professional for some time, we have courses that can help you and your businesses.

Through this course, you can learn the basic concepts, application scenarios, development process of AI, and be familiar with the technical framework and key technologies of AI. The learning mode of this course is MOOC first, online self-study stage, with a cycle of 1 week, and an interesting video course is configured. You will be able to master relevant knowledge and skills.

April Intake

Open for Registration
1-30 April

July Intake

Open for Registration
1-31 July

October Intake

Open for Registration
1-31 October

Course Detail Medium Duration
Basic Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence Video 0:17:30
AI Technical Architecture Video 0:10:30
Development & Application in Carriers Video 0:06:30
Intelligent O&M Video 0:13:30
Smart City Video 0:22:30
Autonomous Driving Video 0:13:30
Virtual Assistant Video 0:06:00
Final test Total Duration 1:30:00

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